About Chris Burgwald:

I’m a husband and a father of five who’s lived and worked in Sioux Falls, South Dakota since 2002.  Originally from central Minnesota (I grew up outside Crosby), life has taken me to Minneapolis; Steubenville, Ohio; Gaming, Austria; and Rome, Italy.

My day job is Director of Adult Discipleship & Evangelization with the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls, where I try to put my Doctorate in Sacred Theology from the Angelicum in Rome to good use.

But before the doctorate and even before being a husband and father, I am a follower of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church. And that leads me to…


About Cruciform:

As I mentioned in my first post, Cruciform isn’t my first go at blogging… I’ve been at this for a while (more off than on, however), both at my own blog and with various group blogs.

Cruciform has a more specific focus though. I’ll be looking at the Christian faith — doing some theology and philosophy — at what it means to be a Christian — the nature of discipleship — and at the relationship between Christianity and culture — the intersection of the two, as the descriptor of the blog indicates.

This means that you won’t find any ranting here, nor will you find much direct political commentary for its own sake, let alone things that are completely off-topic to what I’ve said above.

A final note about the title of the blog, Cruciform. The word itself means “having the shape of a cross”. The Cross of Christ, of course, plays a central role in the Christian faith: Jesus of Nazareth redeemed humanity by His death on a Cross, and he invites us to participate in His own work of salvation by taking up our own crosses on a daily basis and following Him. As others have noted, this means that Christian discipleship itself has the shape or form of a Cross, of the Crucifix… Christian discipleship is Cruciform.

Thanks for visiting Cruciform. Please join in the conversation by commenting or reaching out to me by email (contact -at- chrisburgwald.com) or twitter (@chrisburgwald).

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