6 thoughts on “Does Reality Matter?”

  1. I….They….ummmm….ahhhhhhhhh. You aren’t my Professor anymore. I don’t have to answer your question!!! ;). This is just so sad to me that people are so afraid to stand for truth…or maybe they just don’t know what truth is. Scientificly a human being starts at conception. Scientifically we are born male or female. It’s so simple & people make it so hard to accommodate their own desires.


    1. lol… thank you for answering my question, Becca, even though I haven’t been your professor for — what? — 15 years! 🙂

      Apart from the whole question of sexual identity, I was also struck by, as you put it, how “people are so afraid to stand for truth.” It appears that we have raised millennials with an almost allergic reaction to the very idea that it might ever be okay (let alone right & good) to tell someone that they are wrong!

      I wonder… what have we done to give them this misperception? And how do we correct it now?

      My thought: we need to (re)discover the importance of speaking the truth and doing so with love.

      What think ye?


  2. They exchanged the Truth of God for a lie, and worshiped creatures (made them arbiters of Truth) rather than the Creator.


  3. Uh, I would register to “like” this site, but I see it is run by WordPress.com, which runs the Divine Office site which I have been unable to register for. It sends the email link 6 hours after the link has expired.


  4. I just wátched this. It makes me sad and uncomfortable. They are so niaive. I think they assume everyone is safe and men and women should be allowed to do whatever they want. Only one guy said ‘as long as it was not hurting society’. as someone else said, they do not seem able to tell someone that they are wrong. I know people who have gender identity issues. Not black and white. Complicated. Neutral bathrooms would be an answer. Forced integration of men and women bathrooms and locker rooms is just wrong. All that and we cannot say anything to challenge without being called haters. Perception can be an individual reality, a person might live out of the that reality but that does make it true.


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